Recently, I have received some comments that suggest that the blog has become a little too serious.  I mean, what is funnier than the Information Technology profession, right?

I accept that critique and offer, today, a comic as the Information Technology Thought of the Day. 

The credit for this wonderful comic is embedded in the image.  You can find this comic along with a lot more about IT here:


Besides just being funny, though, it brings to light one of the most frequent complaints of my users – the necessity of strong, long passwords that are changed frequently.  When will we finally get password-less security based safely on biometrics and/or tokens?  I guess that we can all wish together….

What do you think?  Do you know of any good IT comic sites?  Do you have any IT jokes to share?

That is my Information Technology Thought of the Day (ITTOD) for June 16, 2009 ©Scott Coughlin .

Comic Credit:

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