I love Scott Adam’s Dilbert cartoons.  I have featured them before on this site.  Today, i happened to discover that his animation is also featured on YouTube!  I could not resist the urge to highlight this.  He even has a Dilbert Channel there.  They are even keyword searchable!

I usually feature comedy on Saturdays.  In the past, I have featured jokes, comics, cartoons, and news on the weekends.  Sometimes I include comics, stories, games, and photos.  By far, though, humor and especially videos with Information Technology (IT) themes have been the most popular.  So I have gone back to this endless well of laughs!  I simply cannot get enough of comedy videos!

For this week, I have picked this video to share with you as follow-up.  It is called “Dilbert: Different Situations and MBA”… It is by Scott Adam’s and it just plain funny and frighteningly accurate.  If MBAs are too close to home for you, you can just think, “IT Consultant” and it will be just as funny!


I hope that I gave you a chuckle to make your weekend a little brighter.  I will be back Monday with more serious topics!

What did you think of the video?  Funny? Do you know of any other similar movies or clips?  Please share.

That is my Information Technology Thought of the Day (ITTOD) for May 1, 2010.

media credits: Scott Adams

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